URL Snooper


Get the URL from any multimedida file



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URL Snooper is capable of finding out where the address is of any audio, video or flash file that you can see on the Web, but not download it directly.

If there is an animation that you like, or a video or audio `stream´ that you want to have on your computer, this application will help you to get it.

URL Snooper analyses the source code of a specific page, looks for the true links of all the multimedia files and shows them on a list.

To download the file you only need to have a download manager like FlashGet or Download Accelerator Plus.

The only thing you need to do is to copy to the clipboard the URL of the file you wish to have, and start the download manager.

Once the download has finished the file will appear in the directory you will have configured as a destination.

From the authors website you can obtain registration codes for free to eliminate the message that appears when you run the application some days after installing it.

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